We have an awesome selection of leathers, depending on your preference. 

From the left, we have BLACK BUFFALO. This leather is made from buffalo skin and is tanned using a vegetable tanning method. It creates a truly strong and durable leather capable of outlasting the user itself.

In the middle we have COMMANDO. This is a bovine leather tanned using oils and waxes which allows it to be very water-resistant. It has a two-tone pull-up effect which means bending and using it makes the leather change color. 

Lastly, on the right, we have BRONCO. Our most popular color. Also a wax/oil-tanned hide. Very water-resistant and has an extreme pull-up effect. A classic.


Our 1mm Serabraid is a staple that we have had in our wallets since the start. 

We have 5 main colors, from the top to bottom, we have: Turqouise, Forest Green, Light Brown, Ruby Red and finally our classic Black color. More colors will be added soon!