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The Leather

We have an awesome selection of leathers, depending on your preference. 

From the left, we have BUCK BROWN, BLACK and TAN.

Veg tan leather is truly a remarkable material that offers many benefits and advantages over other types of leather. 

On the right, we have BRONCO. This is a bovine leather tanned using oils and waxes which allows it to be very water-resistant. It has a two-tone pull-up effect which means bending and using it makes the leather change color.  


  1. Durability: Veg tan and waxed tan leather is known for its superior durability and strength, making it an excellent choice for products that need to withstand wear and tear. With proper care the leather can last for decades or even generations.

  2. Sustainability: Our  leather is an eco-friendly option as it is tanned using natural plant-based materials rather than harsh chemicals. It is also biodegradable and can be recycled, making it a great choice for those who care about the environment.

  3. Aesthetic appeal: Veg tan leather has a natural and rustic look that is unique to this type of leather. It has a warm, earthy tone that deepens over time and gives the leather a rich patina, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

The stitching

Our 1mm Serabraid is a staple that we have had in our wallets since the start. 

We have 14 colors, from the top to bottom, we have Black, White, Titanium, Orange, Ruby Red, Burgandy, Light Brown, Beige, OD Green, Dark Green, Forest Green, Turquoise, Pacific Blue and finally our classic Purple color. More colors will be added soon!