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Bandit Belt (Reinforced Core)

Out with the “tactical” nylon and in with the classic and timeless leather. This belt is handmade with 2 layers of hand-dyed vegetable-tanned leather. With a HDPE core, this belt will never collapse on you and will be as solid as you were in your teenage years. Hand stitched with super strong Serabraid. Also… with the two sides, you could have 2 different colors, hence a reversible color for those classy brown belt golf days or tactical black for the range days.



Made with 2 layers of solid vegetable tan leather. Hand dyed and hand stitched. Inside the two layers, there is a HDPE core that will keep the belt from collapsing on itself like conventional belts. Buckles can be exchanged depending on preference.

Very Important! 

We can guarantee that it will fit within 3 center holes if our sizing guide is used. Also note that if you carry a IWB you will need to add 2 Inches to your belt size. This belt is handmade and stitched 100% by hand, a restocking fee will be charged on some exchanges.

Additional information

Belt color

Black, Dark Brown

Pant Size

30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40